Mobility of artists and audience is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions within the cultural sector. So how can we defend the circulation of artists in Europe while reducing our carbon footprint? Better Live is a project led by 11 European partners from the world of jazz and improvised music that will make experiments of sustainable concerts through low-carbon tours.

Goal 1: Reducing the carbon footprint of live music events resulting from the mobility of artists and audiences.

Goal 2: Supporting the circulation of international artists and increasing the programming diversity across Europe.

During the next 4 years, the project will develop the data analysis tools, organize trainings for professionals and above all that will experiment with the sustainable concerts and low-carbon tours.


Europe is now facing one of its most profound financial, social and ecological crises. Covid-19 and Russian Invasion on Ukraine have exacerbated the already existing challenges that have threatened the unity and well-being of our community. Like all cultural sectors, the music sector needs to adapt to these existential changes in order to survive. It needs a systemic change that will lay the proper foundations towards a more sustainable, just and inclusive live music system. At the same time, the international dimension of artistic creation is a condition for the further development of our industry. Music is international in its nature and thrives through peaceful, creative and respectful cooperation across borders.


In “Better Live” we place these two exact goals at the forefront of our actions. It’s a multifaceted plan to initiate a fair, green and inclusive transformation and, at the same time, to further develop the live music sector to support and increase artists’ international circulation. In order to do that we need new structures, awareness, competences and an incentive programme. This new 4-year project, realized by 11 partners involving over 100 organizers from Europe, will launch a comprehensive transition starting with the flexible, adjustable and independent sector of jazz and improvised live music.

Key figures

Better Live is a cooperation project between eleven partners that will lay the foundations to foster a fair, ecological, and inclusive transformation through :


More than
local partners in 9 countries

Artistic low carbon events

ecological training sessions


“Better Live” will bring necessary knowledge through its research programme as well as competences and awareness through training and community-building platforms, it will support concert organizers by creating, subsidizing and bringing tools to 9 Better Live local action groups that are a prerequisite for effective artistic circulation in Europe. Ultimately, it will enable a fair, coherent and bottom-up decarbonization of the live music sector in Europe.
Sept. 2023
Dec. 2023
Creation of Local Action groups
Sept. 2023
Early 2026
Jan. 2024
Dec. 2025
Implementation of artistic events
May 2024
Early 2026
Collection & analysis of datas

Project Partners

Better Live is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union that brings together eleven European partners from the jazz and improvised music scenes in Europe.

Financial Partners

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